What is Music Together®?

Music Together®

A Music and Movement Program for Families with Children Ages Newborn through Five Years

Have you ever seen an infant become animated, bouncing and cooing at the sound of music? Have you ever seen a toddler dance around the living room without a care in the world? Do you know a preschooler who loves to make music with pots and pans? Music is as much a part of who we are as walking and talking. It's a way of expressing oneself, a way of being. The Music Together program recognizes that exposure to early childhood musical experiences is every child's birth right. In a Music Together class, every child is given the opportunity to explore the musically rich environment in accord with her own learning style. Children recognize and respond to music from birth and therefore we operate on the premise that all children are musical. Some children will naturally achieve basic music competence (the ability to sing in tune and keep a steady beat). Others have less environmental exposure to music experiences in the home. In this case, Music Together class provides the developmentally appropriate, welcoming place that parents and children need to feel comfortable. These classes are for everyone. Some parents feel very comfortable making music with their children and others do not. It is imperative for parents to understand that they do not need any musical training or expertise in order for the children to benefit. Simply the model of the parent enjoying family music making is more than enough.

In class, we sing, dance, move, chant and play instruments together. Your teacher will guide the class by providing opportunities for musical activity. There is a collection of songs that will be used repeatedly throughout each ten week semester. Included in your tuition, 2 professionally produced CD's and one song book will be provided for you to keep for home and car play. We hope that you will use these to recreate the class experiences that your child recently enjoyed, and to create new ideas of your own. Reinforcement of the program in the home helps to make families more comfortable with the music. After your first few classes, you may notice your child asking for certain songs and recreating class experiences!

Children participate in our classes in a variety of ways. Some extroverted children jump right in and sing and dance without a care in the world. Others are shy, and just want to take it all in. Does that mean they are not benefiting? Not at all! In fact, quite the opposite is true. Many parents of quieter children report that when they get home, the children sing all the songs word for word! We recognize many different learning styles. There is no right or wrong.

Parents are encouraged to participate in class, no matter the age, learning style or temperament of the child. Remember, it's all about the modeling. Through these positive experiences, parents teach their children that music is a way of knowing, a way of self expression that will always be accepted and encouraged. Information about your child's musical development will be provided by the teacher throughout the semester.